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So, I found a post on hitting up the local thrift shops to find items for one’s practice and decided to try it. I’d been looking for an altar, found one at Wally World, but decided that a broke sorcerer like me could at least try to find something cheaper. So I went down to my GoodWill to see what was what.

Turns out, there’s some interesting stuff there. Most of it wasn’t anything I liked, but i did find a few things. Including what’s going to be my altar, an old tv stand with glass doors I got for ten bucks. It needs a little work, but taking the magnet from a broken door I had laying about, fixed the missing magnet on the new stand, and a can of black spray paint should fix that up.

Behold its mightiness!

It even has all four wheels still attached to the base!

It also came with the shelf inside, though the posts to support it are missing. I thought about finding replacements, but realized that I had a double potential here. The first was having a large storage space inside, meaning I could keep bigger objects in it, and I could use the shelf to make a board that I could decorate with different stuff. I’m not sure what those are called, so I’m just calling it a board for now.

Thus Sprach Zarathustra!

At this point I’m thinking some version of the Nine Noble Virtues, and probably my favorite quote from Xycon the Sorcerer “There are only two things that matter in this world, power and style, and in a pinch you can do without style.” We’ll see what else goes on there. I’m not all that artistic, lol.

The first thing I found, and the last thing I’m posting about here is a glass I found. I figured it would work pretty well for a basic chalice. Admitedly, I haven’t needed one, and my path so far hasn’t big on stuff that needs them, but it’s generally a good idea to have stuff and not need it than find yourself in a time crunch. I will probably replace it with a drinking horn, which is more my style, but I found this for two bucks and figured I’d run with it. Needs a little work, and I want to paint a Mjolnir on it, but it’s pretty.

Yes, I am manly enough to call a glass pretty.

Yes, the pic is blurry. I don’t really have a good camera at this point.

Anyways, from here on out they’re probably all going to get individual project posts either as I work on them or finish them. Mostly because I’m a spastic sorcerer who probably has ADD, and because more posts means less stuff I have to come up with in this crazy daily posting plan of mine.

Why no, I do not suffer from insanity. I enjoy it very much.