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So, I tend to hit the religious tag almost every day, trying to find something to write about. As a rule, I come up with a great deal of nothing. But there is a couple things I’ve noticed.

One) Pagans do not tend to apply the religion tag to their posts, it seems. I know a lot of Pagans take issue with the idea of religion (which seems really odd). Or maybe we just don’t have enough Pagans on here posting. Which I don’t think is the case, as I have a fairly good number of Pagan blogs I follow here, and I’m not even following a majority of them. I think we can do better, folks. It’s one word in your tag box, and it gets us out there and lets people know they aren’t alone and there are options.

Two) There seems to be a growing number of Muslim blogs. And, at the risk of sounding offensive…they’re kinda….idk. Braggy? One of them that keeps popping up is ISLAM-World’s Greatest Religion! I suppose that’s catchy, if inaccurate. After all, I suppose I could have called mine “Asatru! World’s Greatest Religion!” but then I don’t believe that Asatru or Heathenism are the greatest religion in the world. I think they’re really good, and they are best for people of Euro/Scando/Tuetonic ancestry, just as Khemetism would be for Egyptians, Hellenismos for the Greeks, and so on and so forth. Regardless, most Muslim blogs come across as their religion is the best, only, and perfect, etc. I suppose that’s not too different from the Christian blogs, or even the Atheist blogs, but still. I don’t have a problem with Muslims believing in Islam (not as a rule anyways, though I have grave issues with the religion itself) and I don’t think they need to be silenced or anything. I would, however, like it if they showed a bit more humility and brotherly spirit. I know that’s probably impossible, from what I’ve studied of Islam, but I can hope.

Peace, as the man says.