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So, we have come to the fifth official month of a Heathen’s path, at least on WordPress! Thankfully, I have managed to keep posting every single day, though there was that close call on my vacation where I ran out of internet and posts, but the Norn saw fit to grant that I be able to keep going.

I want to give a giant thank you to everyone who has visited, and to those who have commented and/or followed. Thanks to you the stats on this little thing keep getting bigger and higher. It couldn’t happen without you.

We’ve wrapped up the Nine Noble Virtues as of yesterday, which means that starting next Monday we will begin on the next phase of the Vices and Virtues Project. I am thinking we will be working on the Seven Deadly Sins next. Mostly because I think I need to research the Seven Heavenly Virtues more before I start on them.

The Pagan Blog Project continues, of course, and we have what I’ve been calling Men’s Day Wednesdays, which will keep going. Hopefully in both of those I can keep good materials going that people find useful.

And as that is all the business I can think of that’s going on, I shall finish with this month’s reading.

Part of me is a little worried that everything hit dead center here. I’ve never really had that happen before, so we’re gonna have to see if these things run all the way through, or if right here in the start we get hit big and then don’t have much of note happening.

Dead center is Sowilo, victory and good guidance, hitting all four directions. North inside we have Ehwaz, teamwork and harmony. Inner circle east we have Isa. Lastly Inner circle west is Kennaz.

At the center of all things is Guidance, which pours forth immediate effects into all realms. Physical harmony is effected by mental blockages, at the time of emotional awakenings.

Happy May, everyone!