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What is it that men desire most? Trust, honor, glory, authority. A man with these is happier than any king, and any king with these is a happy man.

Trust, because without trust there is only paranoia and fear. Without trust a man cannot have friends, he cannot lead, he cannot follow. At every turn will he have enemies and foes. None will he trust to follow him, and none will he trust to follow.

Without honor, there cannot be trust. Honor shows you keep your vows, your oaths. Honor shows you are respected. Honor show you are willing to do what you need to, even when it is painful and works against you.

Glory! For what is life without glory! Glory is your reward, it is your praise for keeping trust and honor. A man with glory is a man who has lived, and earned the respect of his fellows.

Authority. Everyman desires authority, to be king of his castle. But just as everyman wishes to lead, so to do men desire to have one worthy of being followed. A man with trust, honor, and glory is one men will grant authority. For men know that power flows upwards, gathering into the hands of a few, and they would have these few be worthy.

What do men hate most? Falsehood, dishonor, shame, treachery. A man with this is filled with sorrow greater than any other.

Falsehood, because lies bred fear, hatred, and and distrust. These things destroy friendships, armies, nations, all things.

Dishonor, because it means that the person is false, to never be trusted, to never be granted glory and honor.

Shame, for it follows dishonor, and shows one to be nothing. No! Less than nothing!

Treachery. No man likes to be used and abused. No man likes to find that he has been played the fool, mistreated, used. To find that he has been made to turn brother against brother.

These are the natures of men.