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So, I saw the movie yesterday, in Imax 3D, because it is awesome and worth it. (though at near 20 bucks for the ticket for an afternoon showing, I could almost question that). I’ll be doing a fuller review, probably Sunday, but I need to run off something fast for today. Sadly, no midnight premier for me.

I was a little worried going to the film. Mostly that Thor would be made the Butt Monkey, or that it would suck, or be mediocre, or a few other things. My fears were misplaced, however! The movie rocked like no other (even the Expendables, the trailer for the sequel to which was on at the Movie).

Literally, there wasn’t a moment when the action stopped. Everyone was awesome, no one got the butt monkey treatment (Well, maybe Loki, but you really should expect that when you’re talking to the Hulk and your name isn’t Thor, the canonically only person in the Marvel Realm who can beat the Hulk, if he’s lucky). Hehe. Puny God.

The fights were glorious! Worthy of remembrance in the Halls of Valhalla! I totally geeked out at Thor (I can’t say that’s a surprise) and loved it when he clocked the Hulk with Mjolnir! Hulk felt that one. But even I had to laugh when later Thor gets punched through a wall by Hulk.

Captain America was awesome too. And, oddly enough, perhaps even a religious man. I was surprised at the line he through out (anyone who see the film will no it, and I’ll probably talk about it later). But it makes sense given he was a soldier in the Forties. But despite that, he seemed to have litte problems with Thor, which was nice, but in keeping with Capt’s character. Considering in the Comics the two of them become best friends, I think it’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

Anyways, Go See It! Let’s Make Avengers the biggest movie of the year! More to come!