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So, I got on yesterday and went over to the topics, hoping to find something to read, and maybe some inspiration (it happens, not often but it happens). And instead of the usual page of tiles, or whatever you call them where you have all those articles listed, it zipped me over to my reader where it ran them one at a time.

I have to say…I’m not a fan. I liked the old format. I could zip through like a dozen articles a page. I could spot what I liked, nab it, and not get slowed down. And it was nice to see where my articles were at and know that even if it had been half a day or more, people could still find and read my posts. It was a great publishing tool.

In reader, not so much. The articles are bigger. You get one at a time as you scroll down the page. You have to wait while the next batch is loading. Instead of five minutes work, I have to scroll for a lot longer, and frankly I gave up.

Come on wordpress! Bring back the old way of reading articles! I love the fact that you guys publish us. In the four months I’ve been here I’ve gotten way more hits and followers than ever on blogger, and that’s because of the publishing you guys do. Don’t ruin a great thing.