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So, last week we finished the Nine Noble Virtues of Heathenism. For the next part of this Vices and Virtues, I’m stepping outside of Heathenism and into Christianity a bit. Or, I suppose, Luciferianism, or something, seeing as the next portion is the Seven Deadly Sins!



Right then. I figure pretty much no one had heard of the Nine Noble Virtues, which is fair enough as Asatru is a small (but growing) religion. Almost everyone, on the other hand, knows the Seven Deadly Sins. Fewer know that the Seven Deadlies are actually a set, complemented by the Seven Heavenly Virtues, which no one knows about (outside of perhaps more religious Catholics), at least anymore.

The Seven Deadly Sins are Wrath, Avarice (Greed), Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony, or “WASP LEG.” Which I suppose was come up with to remind people that the Seven Deadly Sins sting you, or something.

Personally, I almost consider the Seven Deadly Sins to be Virtues in their own right, as they were things that were celebrated in Pagan culture before they were vilified by the Christians. Certainly, these things in excess could well destroy you, which the Pagan Civilizations knew. I suspect that the Christians tried to eliminate them for various reason. Either the hatred of those that came before and were their Masters (the Seven Deadlies are very Roman) or because they figured they couldn’t handle them, so they called them Evil. The weak, without power, and unable to gain power, declare power and the virtues of the powerful to be evil and off limits.

I’ve….read some Nietzsche.

So that’s where we’re at. Next week: Wrath.