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So it’s late, and finally really check my email, and I find this:

The Ultimate Reset Button, or Are the Gods Actively Recruiting for a Reason?

I recommend everyone go and read it, but the basics are that apparently the Iwa (I think those are the Voodoo spirits) and the Kemetic Gods, have been cross recruiting, and this has led the author (Aubs Tea) to talk with others and discover that it’s not just them, it’s pretty much every Pagan Pantheon that’s been stepping up the recruiting. Perhaps, in relations to the reported existence of a “Growing Darkness” that is coming (some believe this will hit about the end of the year).

I haven’t really talked about this before. I can’t say I’ve tried to keep my blog rational (I hardly believe in rationality as the be all end all that some people do), it’s just that it isn’t something I’ve felt like writing about. But I’m going to come right out and say it, I’ve been feeling that darkness coming as well.

Of course, for me it’s a bit more complicated as to how I get there. I can’t really talk to the Gods, not like some people can (I don’t know why, though I have a few theories). I’m not as sensitive to energies as some (I used to be very, very sensitive, but ten years of being surrounded by rage and abuse, devouring that, and using that power alchemically on myself has left me with a large number of burned out receptors that haven’t really healed yet. This might be part of why I have trouble communicating with the spiritual). But even I can sense that something is coming. And it’s not just hitting the spiritual world, it’s hitting the physical one at the same time.

And it’s hitting it big.

And I too have noticed that the gods seem to be stepping up on their recruiting. I’ve been told that many, if not most, of the Norse Gods and Goddesses have a very strong interest in me, though they are apparently sitting back to see more of what I become (another reason I may have difficultly “hearing” them). But they are interested in me, and they are interested in others. Some prep those that have caught their eye for a waiting game. Some, like Skadi, hardline like I do at my most vengeful and bloodthirsty, crying for vengeance against that Eastern God who has stolen kin, and our desire to restore them to the fold. She’s in the top four that I worship.

I’m also a bit more plugged into the mundane world. I see elements that lay people consider nothing (or try to ignore) and piece them together with the spiritual. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) this leads to some rather unpopular realizations and theories.

Such as about a certain group that follows a faceless, formless being whose visage causes madness and death, and whose image may never be produced. A being as supremacist as his followers, whose bloodlust drives them to mass murder and the slaughter of those who do not convert. A being who I believe is making his move.

I think the Gods and Goddesses are making their moves as well. And not just the European ones. No, others as well. When Buddhist monks, long known for their peaceful ways, lead the charge of their followers to destroy mosques and reclaim long (and not so long ago) stolen holy lands, you know that the center not only isn’t going to hold, it’s going to explode.

The Gods, I believe, are coming. I believe that soon, they will walk this land of Midgard as they did in days of old. Godsworn, Godchosen, Godkin, and all manner of like are appearing, and appearing in numbers before now unknown, perhaps even in Pagan days of yore. They may have stepped back, but they’re stepping forwards again, and investing their wisdom, power, and perhaps even their fury, into their followers once more.

How fervent will be their followers, when the Gods of Old step out? How will the Atheist react, when faced with Physical Gods. How will the Christians fare, when their Divine Ancestors come forth, and prove that there is not One God, But Many? How furious will be the rage of the servants of the faceless one, when confronted with the things they hate most?

I think things will come to a head soon. The end of the year, most likely. What happens then?

I don’t think even the Gods know.