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So, I found this online. It’s a promo for that Prometheus movie that’s coming out in a bit (or is it already out, no idea). But it got me thinking.

As he said, Prometheus was punished for eternity by the Greek Gods because he gave humanity fire. And, pretty much everything the guy said about human tech is true, we really have come that far. So when you think about it, despite its hubris, he’s not far wrong.

We are the Gods now.

Powers beyond mortal comprehension, the ability to create and destroy in a capacity never before seen, on a level that previously had only been in the realm of the divine. We can destroy the world with fire, and grow life in a tube. We can rise high above our own earth, or plumb its greatest depths.

And look at how we deal with these awesome powers. On one end of the spectrum we have those who desire everything to be controlled by an Atheistic government that legislates every aspect of life. On the other end, we have those who desire Religious Government that legislates every aspect of life. We have governments that sell out their own people in the name of political correctness and for power. We have Governments that send their people to slaughter in the names of religion and power. God runs the government, or the Government Is GOD! Titans of industry, the All Knowing Science, the Governmental state that says “thou shalt not!” In their hands lie the powers of Gods, and in their hubris they look down upon the world and think “We are the Gods now” even as so many deny the existence of Gods, or insist that there is only one God and that all others must be destroyed with the power they now possess.

Is it any wonder, the Gods of Greece punished Prometheus so?

With Hubris, though, comes Nemesis. Many in the Pagan circles speak of the sensation of a darkness coming. Christians and Muslims as well, speak of a great power coming. Christians fear it is the end of the world. Muslims believe it is a return of Allah and his power. Whatever it is, it is the Nemesis of Hubris. It is the price of the Godlike powers mankind has taken up and misused. It is the price of the nuclear arms we desperately hope to use to keep us safe, but that have fallen into the arms of madmen and zealots. It is the price of tampering with the base elements of our crops and meats and turning them into poisons in the hopes of making them better. It is the price of screaming for “social justice” and neglecting True Justice. It is the price of playing racial politics, of choosing to punish people based on their gender and their color rather than by their deeds. To punish some for the deeds of their ancestors while ignoring the deeds of others ancestors who were just as horrible and vicious.

Nemesis comes.

What great destruction comes? What form will it take? Who knows.

“We are the gods now.”

Anyone who walks the Path of Power knows, the higher you rise, the harder you must fight. Because there is always someone who desires to rule over you, to crush you. There is always, as Qui Gon Jinn said, a bigger fish.

“We are the Gods now.”

For how long? How long till the Gods of old return? How long until knew Gods appear? How long until we as Gods must face the inevitable battle of Gods?