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Okay, well, I am still taking suggestions for that “Coming of Age” ritual I’m trying to work on.

Aubs Tea suggested Armor in some form. I’m not entirely sure how armor itself could work, but it did give me the idea that there should be some item that marks the young man as an adult. This isn’t an original idea, I believe there are cultures that either give tattoos, or some manner of jewelry, like a choker/collar (Celtic) type necklace, or whatever those were called. Something that anyone looking at will instantly know “Ah, this is a Man.”

SpiderGoddess recommended something like a Native American Vision Quest. I’ll admit, I don’t know much of anything about Vision Quests (I may have, and forgotten, it happens :/). This does sound though like it might be good through. It could play in well with my own idea of having the young man go out and hunt something and bring  back a “kill” real or photographic (not because A Real Man is a Killer, but because it proves he can provide in case of emergencies).

So, once again, if anyone has suggestions, I’m open and pulling them together.

Thanks. 🙂