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Oh, so much fun today. 🙂

I dedicate this article to Freya, Goddess of Lust and Battle!

trying to find a pic I can use for this article without it turning into a nudity fest that might get me in trouble was really damn hard.

Is there anything more primal, more wondrous, more creative, than Lust? Lust brings us to places no other drive, emotion, or force can. Lust brings us art and music, love and laughter, war and desolation. One of, if not the most famous war in history was started by Lust, for Helen of Troy. And that was started over lust to be the most beautiful Goddess (sparked by the Great Snub in which the Gods of Olympus threw a party and didn’t invite Eris, who then invited herself to make trouble).

Lust creates life, and it can destroy life, and create it anew. Of all the things I have talked about so far, I think that Lust is the most Alchemical, for it joins the masculine and the feminine together, breaking them down and building them up again, over and over, until, ultimately, life itself is created.

Some like to consider lust a sin, to think it evil. So they say the human body should be hidden, as if it were a terrible thing, a horrible thing, something that should never be looked upon. And so they hide it, from one degree to another, and call it modesty, because they think they should feel shame. Bah! More holiness do I find in a stripper on a pole than in a hundred women “true” to their “modesty” via things like burkas or covering their hair and ankles. Celebrate what the Gods and Goddesses have given unto you, man and woman, for are we not children of the Gods and made in their images? Did they not fashion us from earth and tree and life? Are we not works of art to be celebrated?

Is it disrespect to view each other as sexual objects and sexual beings? What are we, if not progenitors of the next generation, and how else would we do that but through sex and lust? Sing thy glories to the Gods and Goddesses of Lust and the sacred arts of love. Be not ashamed, but rather work to make yourself a work of divine art, so that all who look upon you say: Truly, this was the hand of a God or Goddess that brought this forth, and to gaze upon it is to gaze upon the divine, and to worship it is to worship the divine.

Give glory to Sacred Lust.