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So yeah, apparently this is from the University of Michigan, clearly these guys don’t know reality. And are are most certainly racists:



So…being blamed for everything wrong in, well, sometimes it sounds like forever…even when we had no part in a lot of it is privileged. Privileged because a “White” society favored “whites” in the past, (completely ignoring the fact that most of these “Whites” were viewed as undesirable ethnic minorities until about, maybe, seventy years ago. probably closer to sixty. When a White Irish Catholic President elected in the sixties sparked the same amount of social upheaval and talk of how far we’ve come as a land of equality in the 1960’s as a Black President did the last election. oh yeah, clearly “whites” were privileged.

Oh yeah, totally privileged. That’s why there are sooo many scholarships in colleges for “Just Whites” and none for “minorities.”

Wait, no…kinda think it’s the other way around…

Oh yay! I don’t get funny looks when I go into a store! Well, maybe you weren’t looking close enough, or maybe you just chose to ignore the looks from certain people.

Hey, guess what, I was born white. And like all the GLBT community out there I’ve got something to say: i WAS BORN THIS WAY, MOTHER F*****!

Not my choice, I didn’t walk up to the birthing station in the great before and say, “Hmm, yes, I think I’ll be white.” Because If i Did say that, I’d have freaking signed up for a body like bruce lee’s, a ***** that would make porn stars weep with shame, and probably….certainly wouldn’t have picked what is possibly the most hated racial group in the world!

Okay, gonna chill of that one.

Bloody Hel, they say white people are privileged that people see us, not a color, but considering this whole video is about seeing white people as a COLOR, I think you kinda failed at your point. In fact, I think you proved it wrong.

Oh, and we don’t get pulled over in the wrong neighborhood. Gee, I wonder if that’s because the cops are worried about pulling you over in the wrong neighborhood because something could happen. Hel, Cops don’t like pulling over in those “Wrong” neighborhoods. And no, you won’t get pulled over by the cops, but you might be carjacked. Or shot. Or raped. Or all of those. All because of your skin color.

So what, I’m supposed to make myself a second class citizen because of my skin color? Fuck that! What happened to all men are created equal. Screw your racial hatred. And Kiss My Scandinavian Ass!