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So, it’s been busy lately, and I’ll cover more of that when I have time. But today I’m just doing a nice little update because I went by a Goodwill and picked up some picture frames and made some new “idols” by printing out pics and putting them in there. So now I have a triple frame one that holds images of the Norns Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, a gold one for Eir, and a gold and silver for Frigga. The last two I printed out for my girl R, we’ll see if she uses them. 🙂

Frigga, Goddess of Home and Knowledge

Eir, Goddess of herbs and Healing.

Skuld, Norn of Future

Verdandi, Norn of Present

Urd, Norn of Past


Yes, I realize the last three are from Ah! My goddess, but I think they work. 😀