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So, I recently got back from a vacation (careful readers would have picked up clues) that I’m going to talk about when I get more time in the next couple of days. What I can say was that it was a growing experience, and something unlike anything I’d ever done.

But, with one change comes another, and another. Who knows where the changes lead you. R does tarot readings, and they seem to say that soon I may find a teacher to give me even more knowledge than I had before (and I like to think I had a lot of knowledge). Be this knowledge mystical or mundane, I do not know, but I admit I am looking forwards to it.

We must all keep growing, or we stagnate and die. Life is about walking forwards, and over this last week I practically flew off a cliff. It was a good feeling, and I think I’ll be doing it more often.

So when was the last time you strode forwards with power, rather than trod the path laid out for you?