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So, channels surfing at work, came across the Reilly factor or whatever it’s called and they were talking (whining) about this video:

So yeah, apparently by some six year old name Albert. Apparently youtube took it down, but mirrors have it up (if in really bad quality). And judging by the TV, it was because people complained about a six year old with women in bikinis dancing about him. The one dude on the tv called it Child Abuse (in caps, no kidding). I’m not entirely see where he’s coming from. Apparently it has something to do with “sexualizing our children.”

Is the video “sexual?” I suppose so. If you consider the underwear section of Sears catalog to be sexual. And I know that some people do (gods’ know that before the net was widely about it was a way to get “light porn” without your parents flipping out, at least until they knew what you were using it for), but I still stand by my point. In the grand scheme of things, it’s really not that sexual. I mean, in the name of Hel, those women were dressed extremely modestly for being at a pool. I didn’t see a thong anywhere. Only full panties, and generally shirts over bras. Yes, the women are dancing, or “popping,” or…whatever that kind of dancing it called, but that’s about it.

Honestly, I’m a little confused by this whole issue. Then again, I have to wonder if this whole issue isn’t linked to something else. I mean, I can’t help but wonder if this “fear of sexualization” is actually going to do as much damage as “hyper-sexualization.” After all, there are schools so worried about kids having sex, they banned hugging. Or hand holding. Or just simple old touching (this partially due to bullying, but still about sex as well). No joke.

Then again, we have the flip side with “Dance Moms” and beauty pageants for little girls. So, you know. There is that.

I do have to wonder what the big deal is though. Okay, so kids know about sex, or are sexual, or something. I mean, kids are having sex at like ten now. This could be as much the amount of hormones in our food or better diets are causing maturation faster as it is the fact that kids that age can gain access to “sexual” materials. Don’t get me wrong, media probably has something to do with it (and I fear the impact that Lady Gaga has on developing sexuality, because frankly she reminds me of the dark and sordid corners of a certain image board that I don’t dare go into for rumor of the horrors within).

Fact is, we don’t really know our history as humans all that well. Oh, we know dates and times and places of important events (at least some of them) but we miss a lot of the cultural stuff. Like the facts about how young sexuality occurred in the past. Cultures all around marked sexuality as acceptable a lot longer than we do today. Some still do (an in ways that some in the Western Nations find rather squick), like the Muslim nations that think it acceptable to take girls as young as 9-12 as their Prophet did in ages past. The ancient Greeks considered much the same age acceptable for homosexual relationships.

So, in the grand scheme of things…I’m not to worried about a little kid making a rap video with some women in swim suits. But that’s just me.

Drop your thoughts below.