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So, the other night at work, there was a “leech” that was floating around looking for a meal. In terms of magic I normally am tightly controlled and repressed, so I don’t leak out a lot of energy. This keeps me off the radar for the most part, but it does make me look like an easy meal to small things that pass by.

Unfortunately for it, I’m not so easy to eat. And that’s for a rather simple reason. I can’t project magic for crap. (I’ve been told I’m a 9 in terms of power, but I can usually only project about a 6 if I’m lucky). But when it comes to my person…especially internally, I can use all of it. So leechy tried to to latch on and eat me, expecting something easy. It got something like this instead. Only with mouths instead of eyes.

I got bit, and I didn’t manage to kill it, but by the time the night at work was done the thing was little more than ragged scraps of flesh and squealing terror. I am starting to think spirits are harder to kill than I initially thought (though I didn’t go chasing after the scraps to eat them). Hopefully though it will have moved on. It was annoying to tangle with it, and though the psychic wound I got off of it is mostly healed, that was a pain to have (thankfully R was able to cleans and remove the “poison” in it.)

Anyways, I think that was my first spiritual fight. We’ll see if I do anything next time I work, either against it or against something else. Kinda getting a taste for it (hehe). Hopefully though I’ll learn some techniques that I can project. Waiting to get latched onto in order to effectively fight something is a bad strategy.

Thoughts? Ideas? Favorite Tactics? Drop them below.