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So, my morning usually starts like this. Wake up, “pray” at my altar (actually more like meditate than pray), go to my pc and read web comics, then see what’s new in news. Generally, there’s not that much of note. Which is why there is not daily or weekly news thing on this blog anymore. But occassionally, I come across something that I just have to share.

Like this:

European Jewish Leaders on Circumcision Ruling

‘Worst Attack on Jewish Life Since the Holocaust’

An influential group of European rabbis on Thursday used unusually strong language to attack a German court ruling against the circumcision of boys. If the ruling is allowed to stand, the group’s president warned, “then I don’t see a future for Jews in Germany.”


You can click the link for the rest of the article, which is short. I didn’t copy all of it over because I am a little curious about the copyright stuff, but here’s a basic summary. Germany has ruled that doctors who go “snip-snip” on a baby boy’s manhood can be prosecuted for doing bodily injury.

My first thought is “Hooray!”

Let’s face it, in a world where we are protesting female genital mutilation as “Barbaric” we should also be protesting male genital mutilation. If there is to be equality of the sexes, we can’t let one form of mutilation be evil and another be good. There are some wiser than me who have talked at length about what circumcision does to men and our sexual pleasure and health. The fact that circumcision is basically the equivalent of slicing off the clitoral hood and labia of a woman if we’re talking corresponding areas should give you a bit of an idea of what it does. Frankly, I’m against forcibly taking away part of a person’s body, especially one that feels pleasure, without their consent for any reason. That’s one of the reasons I’m proud of my ancestors. They never did that.

Of course, some people can’t handle the idea that it’s not okay to just go carving up things on someone else. And while as a tribalist Asatru, I can well respect the power of traditions and their effects on the existence of a tribe, personally I think these Jewish Rabbis might, might, want to rethink their statement. Because if it is accurate, well, then there’s a problem.

A serious problem.

Because really, if you’re over stating the act and saying that “telling us we can’t slice off the skin of a baby’s penis is the same as sending six million of our people to death” as a propaganda thing, you’re really cheapening your big trump card in life. I’m not sure exactly what that’s called in the great school of debate, but that’s really a poor way to defend your beliefs and way of life. Frankly, the Jews got an entire nation by playing the Holocaust card (and well done too, even if a bunch of Jews hate their new land). But really, guys, you can only play that card so much before people refuse to listen. And you’re hitting that limit fast.

Or, we could go with they are being completely serious. That they really do think that not being able to play “snip-snip” and lob off a boy’s foreskin literally is as bad as having six million of their tribe sent to their deaths. In which case, wow, just wow. I might have to rethink some of my tolerant attitudes here. Because any group that feels that way is seriously screwed up in the head.

So personally I applaud Germany in taking this step in human rights and male rights. A little boy should never have to grow into a man missing a part of himself against his will. Boys and Girls should grow to adulthood with all their parts, as they were made with.