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Okay, so, I’m not sure how to take this. I’m probably abusing the hell of out that little comma, too. I am bound to see red for a while too.

I found an article today. It goes a little something like this:

Mitt Romney has distanced himself from the comments made by an adviser, who told this paper that “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special.”

Such was the scale of the outrage that even the vice president was moved to criticise the comments, calling them “beneath a presidential campaign”, while various lesser Democrat supporters described it as dog-whistle racism or historical absurdity.

Many of the jokes seem to concern the irrelevance of mentioning an early medieval barbarian people, but what upset people was that Anglo-Saxon seems synonymous with White Anglo-Saxon Protestant or just “white”. In England the term has less of a dog-whistley sound, meaning simply of English heritage, whether by blood or political tradition. Describing America as such does not seem especially strange, and to get angry at an assertion is vaguely insulting to us.


That’s right folks. Admitting America has an Anglo-Saxon heritage is racism. Admitting that some of our people are English in origin is Racist. To be happy about this, to look to this with the same joy that we are told to celebrate the Latino and African heritages of people is racist. Hel, to have even a small amount of regard for that heritage is bad. Because, after all the Anglo-Saxon were a medieval people of irrelevance.

Let’s look at that irrelevance. Well, first off, they Anglo-Saxons were the primary people of England, along with the Vikings who settled and the Normans who took over for a few hundred years but were finally tossed down, at least for the last fifteen hundred years or so. All the things the British came up with, including all those little things that lead to Democracy in the modern era. Many of the settlers in the first part of America’s history were British folks trying to find a place to practice their religion, or at least seeking a better life. They were one of the founding ethnic groups (along with the French and Spanish) who took this country from an unknown landmass to a thriving country.

A country, btw, which was among the first in the history of the world to Free It’s Slaves. Based in part on the culture of those Anglo-Saxons. Hn, sounds a bit…relevant to me.

But then I suppose that’s the state of “racism” now. All accomplishments forgotten. All existence to be vilified. Nothing more than a bunch of “irrelevant barbarians.”

I’m not even Anglo-Saxon. I’m Scandinavian. But I still don’t find this acceptable. We aren’t supposed to denigrate people’s heritages, regardless of color. I couldn’t help being born white. So why is it acceptable to hate those born “white” for the accidents of our birth when it’s not to hate someone for their being born black, gay, hispanic, etc.

I think it’s time all those who like treating anything white as racist to take a look in the mirror and see if their actions are any different than those they supposedly protest against.