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Okay, Bill Gates apparently wants to release “Earth cooling sulfur particles into the atmosphere.”

Now, I took biology in college (my mother refused to let me take chemistry for fear I’d learn to blow stuff up) so I’m a little fuzzy on a few things. But according to R, sulfur mixes with stuff in the air naturally to create Sulfur Dioxide, or some other sulfur compound. Which, funnily enough, may burn when it comes in contact with water. This is apparently a fun prank to play on people.

Apparently, Bill Gates wishes to mimic the one called Adel and set fire to the rain.

Like Thor Did

Further research indicates that this may or may not be true (wouldn’t surprise me though). What is true (according to Da Wiki) is that Sulfur Dioxide is a key component in acid rain. Which is why we take steps to remove sulfur from our carbon fuels so as to prevent Acid Rain. Now, however, it seems to be that we’re going to be throwing Sulfur into the air where it will combine to create something that is either acid rain or fire rain. OR BOTH.

And this isn’t counting the fact that sulfur is naturally caustic to organic tissue and will eat through your lungs!

Something tells me we’re gonna end up doing more harm trying to “fix” this apparent issue of global climate change than we are if we just left it alone…