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So, there’s this professor of religion who has started saying that Jesus was a Muslim. He even wrote a book about it.

Now, I know religious studies probably aren’t as big on timelines of when events happen as say History people, but there is a slight problem with his assumption.

You know, about 600 YEARS!

“But Lucius, what do you care about Christians and Muslims, you’re a Heathen?” some might ask.

Because I have a problem with stupidity.

Apparently (reading the article) Islam isn’t the Islam we all know and fear (if we’re smart) or love (if we have a suicide complex). Islam is about Social Change and Social Justice, and Jesus apparently could get behind all this an so Jesus was a Muslim (apparently before there were Muslims, Mohammed, or even anything like it).

Completely disregarding that Socialism, and this whole “Social Change/Justice” bs has it’s roots in Christianity (not Islam).

Le Sigh. Is it any wonder I’m a bloody Heathen?