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So, I wrote the other day about how Bill Gates wants to put sulfur in the air to try and “cool” the planet. Something which, I am told, could lead to either acid rain or literally rain made of fire. Well, today I found something just as dumb.

Oregon criminalizes permaculture; claims state ownership over all rainwater – ponds and swales restricted – jail time for violators

To give you the basic run down. Dude has three ponds on his 170 acres. He originally got permits for them. State revoked the permits. Now, they claim he is stealing the rain that falls on his property.
That’s right. Rain falls from the sky into his ponds and it’s theft. Also, fines (about $1500).
This is because, apparently, Oregon holds that it owns all the water that enters its state. Thus, if you don’t pay them for the use of that water, it’s theft. The article above wonders what happens when they decide to claim sun and air as state property, which frankly isn’t as stupid as it sounds in the face of them claiming the rain is state property. I’m not really for the “Green” Movement, even though I am a Pagan/Heathen, but I do kinda fall in the Libertarian area of things, and frankly I find this a load of BS equal to if not greater than the amount normally found in politics.
To me, rain (along with air and light) is a gift of the Gods. It’s for everyone, and water that falls to the earth can be collected by people as needed. I don’t know that I go for the whole “sustainability” stuff, but I wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks by using these things that come to me, especially when it comes to farming and growing stuff, where water is often times a bit expensive. Especially if you have to hydrate several acres of crops.

Rain is but one of the gifts of Thor. The other is spontaneous female orgasms for highly obvious reasons. You’re welcome ladies.

Now, idk, I might be able to let this slide if it was Texas or something where they generally don’t get water (or maybe Nevada). But this is Oregon, i.e. one of the rainiest states in the entire US!
Thor’s giving a lot of rain there. And while I’m all for the seperation of church and state, I’m really not sure I like the idea that a state can claim the gifts of a God (or Gods, as there’s more than one weather God out there) as their property when such gifts are given to all free peoples within those lands. It is a mark of the Gods’ kindness that despite the fact we no longer offer them gifts as our ancestors used to, that they are still kind enough to give us their gifts. And yes, I am very aware of the scientific nature of the hydrological cycle, etc. But we all get to view the world differently, it’s still a (nominally) free country.
And claiming the gifts of Gods as your own, stealing them from those they are meant for, and giving nothing in return? Well, sagas and myths are filled where that goes horribly, horribly wrong.