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Well, the major 3 weeks at 40 is over, though I’ve still got a couple more days before my next day off. Paychecks are good, but expenses are higher, so the money stays tight. Such is life.

So, a couple things happened while I was buried. There was a Sikh Temple that got shot up. My heart goes out to the dead and wounded. I was amazed, however, how quickly it tossed the Colorado shooting out of the news, despite not being nearly as bad. Not that loss of life isn’t horrible, but…

Personally, I blame political expediency. You’ll notice that almost instantly the shooter was labeled as a white-supremacist domestic terrorist. I don’t know that I buy it. Especually since it seems that just after it happened the DOJ and Homeland Security took over, shut out the police, and started press releasing the whole SWDT story. Which, frankly, seems really, really fast. We didn’t have that kind of info on any “terrorist” act.

Of course, they are still calling the Fort Hood incident a “Work Place Violence” incident. Despite the shooter’s clearly Islamist views and shouting something like Allah Akbar.

Anyways, other stuff happened. No idea if I’ll touch on it. Probably just keep plugging this week. Peace.