Greywalker Speaks

Humanity is indeed a strange race.


You water everything down, try to make it easier to swallow, make it lighter, make it “better.”

Since the dawn of time you seem to desire the wildness, the difference, the “other.” Yet still you shy away from it, tell yourselves it is not natural, is not “civilized.”  You take the ancient mythologies and drain them of all truth. You take all the emotion, all the magick out of it.






 When you think of the Gods and Goddesses, you think of far-off Beings who have no power. Who did things, said things, and no more. You have lost the emotions that went along with the tales. You have lost Hera’s divine jealousy. Zeus’ unending lust for life, and for the flesh. You have lost the esctacy that comes with Bacchus’ wine. You have forgotten the wild, madcap dances…

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