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So, lawyers. Hate them. Mostly because the one that runs our investor’s money has/had gone off the rails, and started trying to keep her from having any of her money. Which means that our little shop is moving forwards off the rails. We have a lease (for now) but no keys til we pay. Which we don’t know when.

So, Hating the lawyer there. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s embezzling. Prayers are not something I ever ask for. Maybe I should change that. I’ve been praying a bit more to Freya more than usual.

Speaking of things that have annoyed me, I’m looking for another job because after today I might not actually have a job anymore. Long story short, boss made a messed up schedule after telling me everything was back to normal. I called to tell him (yesterday) that I couldn’t make it today because I had business stuff I had to do. He told me, very angrily, that if I didn’t show up I was fired.

So I didn’t go in today, since my business I’m trying to start up with R needed me. Never heard from him. Find out Weds if I still have a job. In the mean time, I’ve called Corp HR and started the ball rolling of on his attitude, harassment, etc.