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For a religious blog, I tend to delve into politics a lot, but today we’re going to just have a bit of news as I take it easy today to recover from yesterday and prepare for what tomorrow holds.

First off is a pair of articles about the same thing, which troubles me greatly. We supposedly live in an enlightened age, having put the horrors of the past behind us. As a rule, I laugh at such a simplistic and optimistic notion. Two great wars weren’t enough to change humanity as a whole, I doubt anything that has happened since would either. The lessons the West took from the horrors and devastation of the World Wars did not pass to other lands, it seems.

3 children found bound, stoned to death in South Africa, police say

South African police say they are hunting “day and night” for suspects after three children were found tied up and stoned to death.

Bafana Kekana, Hosea Richard Kekana and Johana Kekana, ages 9, 10 and 12, respectively, were reported missing Thursday after they didn’t return to a youth care center where they had been living, according to a statement from the South African Police Service. The children participated in a school march Wednesday that called for more teachers.

The children’s bodies were found by a resident in Naboomspruit, a town in the northeastern part of South Africa, on Saturday, still in their school uniforms with their hands and feet bound by shoelaces.

The South African Police Service also says bloody stones were found near the bodies and that the girl, Johana, had apparently been raped.

“We will hunt the perpetrators day and night; we will follow all the leads and no stone will be left unturned,” said Lieutenant General Simon Mpembe, the provincial commissioner of the Limpopo Police.

This would be bad enough on its own, but it is part of something much larger in South Africa.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The eyes of the world were on South Africa two decades ago as the apartheid era came to an end and Western governments helped bring the communist-backed African National Congress to power.

Last month, however, when Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton declared that white South African farmers were facing a genocidal onslaught and that communist forces were taking over the nation, virtually nobody noticed.

Few outside of South Africa paid attention either when, earlier this year, the president of South Africa began publicly singing songs advocating the murder of whites.

The silence is so deafening that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t even publicly mention the problems when she was there last week. Instead, she was busy dancing, pledging billions of dollars and praising the ruling government.

There’s more to the second article in the link. It seems, that there will be another genocide in our lifetimes. It seems, that this time, no one will do anything about this one. Africa has had an issue with genocides in the past. But generally people have spoken out against it. It seems, this time, people will die in silence.
It sickens me.
The last bit of news I found today is more rumor than anything. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if it was in fact true. I’m calling it a rumor because I can’t back this one up, unlike the SA genocide which I’ve heard about before.

Obama blocked Bin Laden raid 3 times, Clinton intervened

(AGI) London – A shadow has fallen over Barack Obama’s great “military success”, the elimination of Bin Laden. A newly published book has revealed that the President, “reluctant” to take the initiative and could have carried out the raid prior to May 2nd, 2011 in Pakistan, blocked the operation three times, in January, February and March. It was Hillary Clinton who induced him to end the delays through her intervention

And lastly, a bit of the sexy to make up for this grim dark stuff.


And while that’s not all the news that’s fit to print, that’s what I’m passing on to you today.

Tomorrow will hopefully be back to normal.