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Finally, some good news from Scandinavia about our ancestors. Some of you might remember that they found an actual Norse Heathen Temple in the lands of our ancestors that had been hidden for a thousand years. Some of you might also remember that it was almost immediately bulldozed to make a neighborhood or some such.

Well, now we’ve found something else also never seen before. It isn’t quite as cool, but it is a feat of engineering that is wonderful to behold.

Divers find ruins from Viking ‘marketplace’

Divers off the coast of Birka, an ancient Viking village near Stockholm, have uncovered 100 metre long jetties suggesting a coastal marketplace that was not previously imagined.

These jetties are apparently made of stone and extend down something like 8 meters, according to the article. So it seems our ancestors weren’t just great explorers, they were pretty good builders too, at least when it came to the sea.

Let’s just hope this one doesn’t get bulldozed.