Interesting article. My only point would be that there are some Heathens/Pagans who do believe in the “big chested man rolling loudly in the clouds.” I’m one of them. 😉

Barefoot Anthropology

I’ve already mentioned the atheist’s Rottweiler Richard Dawkinsbefore on this blog, but I haven’t dwelt much on his worldview. However, his views are something I’ve given quite a lot of thought to in the past. I’ve heard him speak, and even got to ask him a question directly afterwards – the answer, as it happens, was singularly unsatisfying. I’ve never been very keen on him – both because of his attitude to education as a whole, and his intellectual outlook. While he dismisses theology, he totally ignores anthropology; not seeing fit even to mention the extensive and detailed ethnographic studies that social scientists have conducted on religious belief in his own work on this subject. This is probably because (as I discovered) his experience of cultural anthropology “nearly sent him screaming from the classroom”. He doesn’t much expand upon what his objet d’horreur was, other than…

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