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So, I had the job interview yesterday. It went well. I start training on the 10th. So thanks to everyone who offered good will in our direction.

Banks are a pain, but finally money is about to get here. We cut the check, so we have the building for our shop. Hopefully I can get all the money where it needs to be before the check is cashed. It could be something of a deposit. I’m not sure how it works. But we started painting the place, we have a key, and it moves forwards.

Painting is fun, if messy. We went through a gallon can and got most of the walls. Just a bit more to go. There’s still some in the open area, and we’ll see how we do with the class rooms. Once the green is up, we’re doing designs in “woad” blue. I’ll try and post pics up soon as I can.

No updates yet on the former job front. We’ll deal with that more Monday. Unemployment and other government funs.

Thank you again, everyone.