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So, I always suspected it, but I finally caught it happening! People do talk about me on the internet! Whooo! I truly have become important in the world!

Okay, admittedly they called me a racist and another “white” person who “doesn’t get it” and a “bad example of Heathenism.” But hey, they’re talking about me! πŸ˜€

Totally grinning like this as I snark back XD

Sadly, tumbler doesn’t let you reply back or something like that (or maybe it’s because I’m not a member). Otherwise I’d totally be tossing the philosophical Mjolnir about.

Before we get any deeper, I’d like to state it here. I’m not a racist. I am, I suppose, a religionist when it comes to a couple religions out there, but I couldn’t give a crap what color your skin is. Hel, half the time I don’t even look at people’s usernames so I haven’t got a clue what race anyone is anyways online.

Here’s a link to what’s going on. Btw, dude or dudette who said they’d do more than rant at me if they ever met me face to face? Come on down. πŸ˜€

First off, most of my comments were about Loki, why Loki isn’t that liked, and why a woman of “color” who goes around shouting how she’s “with Loki” (the Kinslayer, biggest crime in Norse culture, really) to a bunch of people whose religion is all about family, probably should be surprised when she get’s some hostile reactions. Also because I said I personally could forgive a bit of slavery in my past if it meant not growing up in Africa what with its AIDs epidemic, ethnic cleansing, rape of men and women and children, child soldiering, etc.

Which, okay, maybe I should apologize for? After all living like this:

Is clearly better than living like this if slavery was involved like over 200 years ago:

So yes, I apologize for my hateful and racist remark. I’m sorry. Those white people who lived in America should have left your ancestors happily where they were and not bothered with them. Clearly, life is truly horrible. I apologize (despite the fact I’m from Scandinavia and had nothing to do with it).

And there was this dude’s response to it all:

I’m so done with my fellow white people trying to assuage their white guilt

also, from a purely heathen perspective, they think it’s okay to encourage other heathens to kick people out of heathen spaces for saying positive things about Loki?

totally hospitable there

“White guilt?” I am not entirely sure what that is. I think it’s something where you feel bad for something someone else did way back before you were born, simply because they share the same skin tone as you do. Seems stupid. I don’t care what your skin tone is, or when you lived, or what you did. I’m not feeling guilty over it. Sorry. πŸ˜›

Evil, the best way to get rid of guilt

And for the record, I wasn’t encouraging other Heathens to “kick people out” when they say nice things about Loki. I was explaining why some heathens kick people out when they say nice things about Loki. There is a difference. Dumb ass. If you weren’t up on your racial high horse, you might notice that.

Oh, and I don’t know who said it, but whoever claimed I was a “white person who didn’t get it” I want to thank you for being a huge racist. You’re assuming the color of my skin means I can’t “get it.” Lame! To tell you the truth, I probably got, slapped it down on the table, and said “I don’t care!” Boo hoo, bad things happen, everyone’s mean to me!


Everyone is mean to everyone. Everyone’s life is shit. Doesn’t matter the color of your skin. Shit happened in the past. Get over it. Christians destroyed my people’s Old Ways. I get discriminated against because of my Religion and my “Race.” Don’t see me whining about it. I get up, and I carry on. And occasionally I may bitch about how stupid Christianity is, but you don’t see me stopping my whole life over it or bashing my Christian friends about how “they don’t get it.”

So yeah. Sorry I was a “racist.”