An Ásatrú Blog

With much surprise and pleasure, I came across a website dedicated to Ásatrú poetry. I had forgotten about this site, which is sad, because I have a couple of poems on the site. So, it is with much thanks to Michaela Macha of Odin’s Gift, that I present you with a poem I wrote some years ago, which I had believed lost forever due to a hard drive failure.

I Come To The Hall Of My Brothers

I come to the hall of my brothers
Weary with sleep and spilt blood
Battle-worn, blade scarred
Hoisted upon my shield
Eagles watch my fate with hungry eyes
Ravens sing and wolves bay
There shall be a feast tonight
Honored dead greet great Val-father
Victorious, ravaged, hailed
Companions of Shield Maidens
I know one sacrifice yet to be made
That which is due the father of battle.

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