Aspis of Ares

Today was kind of interesting. I was accused of blasphemy, against Ares.

Just let that sink in for a sec.

So yeah. I was on Facebook, and in one of the many Hellenic groups I’m in, I commented on a photo of a statue of Adonis being attacked by a boar (Ares). Someone had called Adonis a god, which confused me because Nonnus called Adonis a mortal prince of Cyprus, so I commented to that fact. Eventually, someone, having not read the entire comment thread, asked, “Why is a pig trying to bite him (Adonis) in the ass?”

My answer really upset someone. I said, and  quote: “Ares can be a d**k…”

Enter the fiery wrath of doom. It got a little heated. The word “blasphemy” was never actually said, but the way “disrespect” was used, it was implied. This started yet another interesting thread which eventually devolved into a joke about…

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