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So, sorry there’s nothing really in depth today. Working a lot tends to leave Lucius a tired Asatruar. But work so far is going well. I’m sitting next to the coach, because I apparently am more interested in being a team player than most of the others in my class. It’s cool. Lots of geeks there, apparently.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the re-blogs. Thankfully I’m following enough places that there’s generally been something cool to be had. Beyond that, the shop is holding together. It’s slow, and needs some loving from customers, but we’re getting more and more interest in the community. Hopefully a sign soon will build attention and interest.

Thankfully work looks like it’s going to let me do DnD more now. I rolled up a cleric to try tonight. Of Hel, actually. Maybe I’m just working out some of my desire to be a Gothi. We’ll see how that turns out.

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Life keeps plugging away. May the Gods bless us all.