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So, yesterday we hit the local used bookstore and managed to find some great stuff for the shop. It’s still slow, but we’ve been more endorsed by the local community. Today we went out to find some of our competition. Let us just say that I now understand why they were called cute, and that they are seriously over priced.

It fills me with more hope for the store.

After much difficulty, I managed to make silverlight work once more upon my pc. Which means that I finally got around to watching a new episode of Cadfael that got released on Netflix. Once more, I find myself wondering what it would be like to create an order of Asatruar monks. There is something…attractive, I suppose, about the lifestyle. But such things are past in this world.

It turns out I can project energy. I thought I couldn’t, but I can. I just have a very short range atm, and I leak power like a bucket of water if you remove the bucket. But it gives me a bit more hope, at least.

Personally, I wish I had more time for my religion. So far, about all I manage is a short prayer to Thor and Odin as my job starts. Hopefully things will settle soon, and I can at least get back to some sort of practice. I’d do it in the evenings, but when you have two people working better than full time jobs and have only one car, everything you can’t get done in the day has to be done in the evenings.

From here, I’ll leave off with a pretty cool pic I found. It makes me think of Heltrid, who you can read about over on Princess of Hel. Check it out, and if you’re in town, hit up the Candle and Cauldron.

from the webs, I didn’t make it. Sadly.