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So, apparently, Mitt Romney has declared he’d cut funding to PBS and Sesame Street in particular. Mostly, it seems, because PBS is now a symbol of government spending gone wild, the liberal agenda, and because Oscars on anti-depressants, Bert and Ernie are Gay (who knew, really?), Cookie Monster doesn’t eat cookies, and they killed Snuffleupagus with AIDS.

“Our love can never be known…”

Wait what!? Oo

Okay, so I will admit, I didn’t watch a lot of Sesame Street as a kid. The reasons were many. Better books. No tv. You know, life in modern America where your family thinks you have to be involved in activities. But I did see it, knew of it, and I grew up with it.

And lets face it, we all knew what Bert and Ernie were from the begging. Even as a kid, I had suspicions. The twin beds were a give away. Everyone knew hubbie and wifey slept in separate beds in the past. πŸ˜‰

But Snuff, I don’t get. Okay, I kinda thought he was Big Bird’s imaginary friend. That might be the Robot Chicken talking. It’s been a while. But still, they made him die from AIDS. Not that AIDS shouldn’t be talked about, mind you. But on a kids show, one kinda has to wonder. I mean, how did he get it? If he was imaginary, then that means Big Bird gave his imaginary friend AIDS to the point where it killed it.

Which is a bit sick when you think about it.

And if Ol’ Snuffy wasn’t imaginary, that means he had to get AIDS somehow. Did he do a dirty needle? If so, where the Helheim did he get it an why? Blood transfusion? I’d love to see the accident that made a Muppet need that. Sex unprotected? Oh boy, here’s one for the gov’ kipper, mammoth Muppet sex gone wild!

Really, I can’t think of any way of infecting him with AIDS that wouldn’t kinda cross the line in a kids show. At least, not without sounding stupid.

And poor Oscar the grouch. Apparently, being grumpy because your house is the neighborhood trashcan is “Wrong” and you have to be “Medicated” now. No idea how he affords his meds. Does he deal from the trash? That street has to be sooo doped up it really wouldn’t surprise me. Or maybe he’s on government healthcare. In which case I have to ask why a Muppet is getting free pills, but millions of women still have to pay for that birth control tech that health insurance companies are “mandated” to pay for. You know, all the millions of women without healthcare? Apparently women can get behind muppets in terms of government care. Or that would be my guess.

Unless those aren’t “legit anti-depressants.” Maybe Oscar invented Meth and is working with the dude from Breaking Bad.

“Step one, ditch that Malcom kid. Step two, get cancer, go bald, look bad ass. Step three, make shit ton of money as a meth brewer and take over the town. Yeah, I got this.”

Hmm, so apparently life just needs drugs. YAY! Now where’s that weed.

Oh. Right. Not a muppet.

And cookie monster not eating cookies? Did they change his name? Or maybe he hunts the cookies…

It’s not cookies, but the fans still cheered…


I blame Lady Obama and her health food craze. I’m sorry lady, but I will not be lectured about my eating habits by a woman who’s ass has it’s own gravity!

I literally said this during the ceremony. I’m evil.

So there. πŸ˜›

And I don’t care that she’s black. It would be the same if she was white. Or green. I’m not gonna be lectured about what I eat.

So I’m faced with the fact that I might actually have to agree with Romney about something. I hate that, btw. But geez, they raped my childhood with all those messed up changes. And it wasn’t like Transformers where we liked it.

So yeah. Pull the plug. And kill it. Kill it with fire.