Rogue Priest

I want to convince Matt Langdon (maker of rules that kids actually get) to join me for a leg of the Adventure. Perhaps when I leave New Orleans, which won’t be till spring.

This was my pitch:

We will feast like kings and starve like ogres! Burn in the sun and shudder in the wind. One day is a dream of paradise, the next is a fork in the road to choose from.

This is, perhaps, not good sales copy. Who wants to burn, shudder, starve?

Ah, but my time on the road was entirely joyful. There were hard moments, it’s true, but that is travel’s coquetry. She pushes you away when she wants to pull you close. The kiss is inescapable, but you must struggle for it and wait.

When at last she touches your shoulder, it thrills.

The Blood is Mandatory

Every adventure is this way…

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