Saxon men which were mercenaries in the Roman army where they sometimes acquired high positions, have ondoubtedly passed on information to the people of their homeland. Especially when christianity got a monopolyposition at the end of the fourth century. Long sincethe first century the Germanic warriors served in the Roman army, which caused a great pull towards (young) men.

“It’s not unthinkable that almost every bigger settlement in the North-East past of the Netherlands during the Late-roman period had a son serving in the Roman army”

After the Roman Period the saxons also had contacts with the Frankish Empire, which had been christianized since the end of the sixth century – mainly thru the agency of the Irish monk Columbanus. In the Frankonian armies there also were Saxon mercenaries in service. In the south-west border regions of Old Saxony lived a mixed Saxon-Frankish population.

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