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Sometimes I really question the politics of my country. Democracy, in its pure form, is not only the most desirable government, it is one that man has tried to bring about constantly. From the Greeks who we often say invented it, to the Teutonic/Scandinavians who lived it in the Allthing every year, we have striven to let each voice be heard in our politics when at all possible.

Last night, we had our Presidential Election. And I, like many others, found ourselves faced with a difficult choice. On the one hand, a far left politician with a cloudy name and deeds that often created more harm than good. On the other, a further right politician who comes from the Mormon religion, who in some cases was the inspiration for some of the bad done by the other political choice on the map.

One despises the rich, though he lives like a king while in office, and would see them made poor. One, apparently, despises the poor, and would see them stay that way. There is more commentary on both of them, but I may get into that later.

Last night, before going to bed, Romney was in the lead. I think by something like a hundred points, but I’d stopped paying much in the way of real attention. (If this is incorrect, please leave a note in the comments). When I arose this morning, Obama had one by a 100 point lead. A crushing defeat.

A none generous man would find that incredibly…convenient.

I’m not that generous. I have called that Obama would win the election, regardless of who they put up against him. And despite of all the political ill will that has been amassed by his actions. Anyone else would have been punted out of office so hard we’d here the sonic boom three states away. But not the darling child Obama. Not with all the allegations of massive Voter fraud that were in the last election that conveniently got forgotten by the administration when they gained power. Nor the credible reports that the electronic polls people were using this year had been hacked and rigged for voter fraud. Those behind Obama, whoever they might be, as well as those with him, have too much to lose if he should lose.

They would never let that happen.

Personally, I was so sick of both the options, since they shut out the one candidate I heard about that I actually found myself rooting for (Ron Paul) that by the end of it all, I voted for Capt. America. Partially because I heard in the Ultimates line of Marvel comics he got elected by write in, and partially because, really…

Why not vote what you believe in.

It’s not like my vote mattered. Beyond the more than likely chance that the election was rigged from the beginning, my state was gonna go Mittens anyways.

Romney conceded, Obama glorified.

Where do we go from here?

Well, as a nation, we are more racially divided in the last four years than we were before. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to change. And it isn’t as much “whites” vs “Everyone else.” It’s still the other way around. We’re still left with a massive healthcare bill that maybe helps a few, and hurts most of the rest of us, while still leaving a number of people without healthcare or health insurance. We’re left with the same guy who made religious organizations go against their morals, who shows he doesn’t care about the religious rights of people to believe as they want to  believe, while at the same time leaving millions of women without affordable birth control.

We’re left with the president whose administration not only sold massive amounts of weapons (that they believe your law abiding citizen shouldn’t own) to the Mexican drug cartels, who then used those guns to kill Americans, but actually has sold massive amounts of weapons to Al Quaeda, and stood by and did nothing while those same forces “guarded” our ambassador in Libya, but also while they raped, tortured, and murdered him.

Where are we headed? Well, certainly for more of the same. Except now Obama doesn’t have to worry about his chances at being re-elected. The barrier is removed. In the end, we may pray for more of the same, in the face of what may yet come.