Too Many Posts

Today is International Men’s Day, apparently.

I haven’t received any cards or anything for it, and like a great many other days that have been created I can’t see the point of it, really.

This culture of giving almost everything a day is ridiculous, I mean don’t get me wrong there are some I quite like-

  • Talk like a pirate day- September 19th
  • Cleavage day- March 30th
  • World book day- March 7th next year (although it should be noted books and cleavages are things I feel should be celebrated the entire year round)

But do men really need a set day? Isn’t every day men’s day? Am I right, sisters?!

Anyway, to mark the day the Huffington Post made a little slideshow of quotes about men, and while I found some of them quite amusing, my favourites will be posted at the bottom of this post, a…

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