Hail Odin Allfather, who aided me in our time of need

Mark Neumayer

Odin_posterYes, it is Thursday and time to post some Norse-inspired art, and no, the piece I gave you a sneak peek of last week is still not done. There are times when producing art is a battle with self-doubt and right now I am not winning this particular battle. There are also times when you have to realize that a particular piece of art just isn’t coming together and set it aside. That is where I am at with the Viking axe artwork I was creating. I still think it is a cool concept, but my artistic skills aren’t yet at the level I need to pull this off.

However, I did not want to leave you all empty-handed. (Or would it be empty-screened?) I was playing around with some ideas of a holiday gift for a friend of mine and the inspiration struck me to throw together this little…

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