I packed my dream away,
Put it in a cardboard box.Candles, herbs, books
A store shut up with locks.
When faith is shattered,
When debts go unpaid.
It is the dreams that die,
It is the hopes that fade.

We’ve started shutting down the brick and mortar store for Candle and Cauldron. We’re still setting up online, and we’re taking requests for items via our method for special orders. We’re still open, we’re still a business. We may even be able to form a co-op and get a new place, with a new plan.

We’re just evolving.

That’s what I tell myself, anyways. Right now though, we’re faced with the fact that our investor has apparently bailed into thin air, taking with her the money needed by the store, and about 3k that she owes me personally for saving her ass when she screwed up.

It’s heart breaking though. R’s numb. I keep wanting to fall apart. C&C is something that has given me hope, a dream, that I wouldn’t be stuck behind a dead end desk for the rest of my life. That I could help build a career, a business, and a place in the community. Maybe I still can. But this is a haymaker. Doesn’t mean the fight is over.

But it does mean I’m reeling, hurting, and feel like I want to give up.