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So, I think this is something we’ve all run into, especially in the magical circles. That person who insists on how powerful they are, how much they can do, how such and such thing is the best, etc. I ran into one the other day at a local pagan meet, a Demonoligist who kept going on about how much he’d done (physically and magically) and how if he’d made a sword it would be some sort of titanium/cobalt katana, because katanas were the best swords ever, etc. But many of the ones we run into well mostly just try to shut down people with cautionary tales and advice.

Why is this? Well, I’m sure there’s some out there who could argue its a high dose of narcissism. I don’t think they’d be entirely wrong. Maybe it’s that these people haven’t been tested by life, or they did, but instead of being scared they decided to go with “I must be so bad ass, because I beat that thing like a punk!” Maybe it is just that they want to make others look weak so they will look stronger and have people listen to them.

Now me, I’m pretty strong. I can’t use it all, and I can’t use what I can the best. I’m a fair hand at wards. Possibly even a great hand at them. I have the potential in the future to make some Master level wards. But just because I can do really good ones, and someday even great ones, if not legendary ones, doesn’t mean that what I have is now unbeatable. I mean, apparently there’s a latent psychic vampire at my job. It has been feeding off of me pretty much since I hit the floor. When I got sick this last couple weeks, it literally was tearing me apart. In fact, ever since I found out about it, I’ve been throwing up protective charm after protective charm, and even casting a “greater circle” with my mind. The charms have barely helped, and I have to re-due the circle every twenty minutes, if not faster, because this person is that strong without even knowing what they are.Β  It’s only been as I’ve started to shove out serious wards that I’ve been able to push it at bay. And even then I still get hit.

Does this mean I’m weak? No. It means I’m strong enough that I light up that room hard enough that I get to be the target of an assault. And I do it so hard that the other practitioner in the place doesn’t even seem to get noticed. I take it as an example that no matter how strong you are, you can always get got. And that’s with a human. Spirits are hard core. Some of them are as powerful as Gods. Oh, you managed to beat down the 7th lord of the 5th circle of Hell? Good for you. That’s one spirit. There’s a lot more out there. And that doesn’t mean that a mortal practitioner can’t get to you either.

Pay attention to your world. Just because you beat something doesn’t mean you’re invincible. And if you find someone being a bad ass, well, ignore it. Watch them so they don’t come after you, but know that just because they act like the Sunday Special, doesn’t mean they’re all that and a bag of chips.