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So, I found this video and figured it was pretty awesome. As I try to delve more into magic this year, and actually practice (I finally feel like I can start really working spells and projecting power) this is something I am certainly going to have to try. My practical magic is going to be based a lot on my ancestors, and while my book is about Anglo-Saxon magic, we’re from the same family and shared a lot of the same beliefs and practices. I suspect our magic was largely the same. A branch of this magic is Wortcunning, or herb lore. Since I got my start in alchemy, I’ve always wanted to do more work in this branch (I never had a lab, and so never got to play) since a lot of starting alchemy is herbs. So I figure that this kind of thing would be a great place to start, and it is all with stuff I think I can find in my kitchen. 🙂

So enjoy: