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Hail unto Tyr, God of Justice, a child of your people calls to you.

You befriended the wolf Fenris, and when came time to bind him, you placed your hand in his mouth as a sign of trust. When he could not escape, he took your hand as payment.

I come to you, though we are not close, though I do not often speak with you. It is rare I come before you, Lord of Justice, for I do not feel comfortable in the realms of law. But I come to you know, not for myself, but for those who depend on me. By my will and advice, we trusted one we thought friend, and one we made family. But as the wolf Fenris did bite you, this one has turned against us, and left us in a position of great peril. Were it only I, Tyr, I would not come to thee. But others have come to harm, family and kin of mine, because I trusted the one who has betrayed and lied to us. Misfortune has befallen us, and I would not see others pay for my mistakes.

I ask thee, Lord of Justice, to bring forth Justice. Take action against the one who betrayed us, who broke oaths sworn to us. We acted with honor, and were met with dishonor. I ask you, Lord Tyr, grant us justice, so that others may not be brought down or brought harm because of me.

Hail unto Tyr, God of Justice.