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Goddess of Death, keeper of our people.

Thank you in my time of need, for your advice, your guidance, and your faith in me.

Times are hard, and I am not the best son of our people I could be, for this I beg forgiveness.

I seek to walk the path of honor, and to do right by my kin. This has led to betrayal and hardship, as I allowed one unworthy into my home and hearth. They returned my good with ill. Your aid in this time of difficulty is accepted with gratitude, and met with my apologies that I can not be the host I wish to when you come to me.

I give praise to you, my Goddess. I walk in the shadow of death, and am not afraid, for I know your love for me, as you love all of our people who walk with righteousness. I bid thee, know you are welcome in my hall, no matter how poor I become. I would love if you granted me wealth, but I ask it not. That is not the way of our people, and I live by that way with joy. I ask only your hand to aid me as I seek to build by my own hands a better life for all those who fall in my domain, just as I know you do with all those that fall into yours.

Hail unto Hel, keeper of our people. Hail unto Hel, my Goddess.