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So, when I started this blog, it was a place to rant and spread my thoughts. I never expected to really reach people too much. Pagan blogs don’t always get that popular, and Heathen blogs less so. But I’ve met people, made a few friends, and even started guiding some on the Heathen Path.

One of these people is a Chinese American, Tokubi Ka. Not someone I ever expected to meet, especially seeking Asatru. But his heart and his honor are true, from what I’ve seen, and I am proud to aid him in joining the Kin. He’s also an artist, and entered the competition over at the Nose Mythology blog for art submissions for the Midsummer’s holy day. He graciously allows me to post it here, for you, along with his notes about it.

In this drawing, I wanted to capture the spirit midsummer. What came to mind was a bunch of happy people hanging out or celebrating around a bonfire. None of the people in this drawing are meant to portray any specific person. They are just some people in costume having a good time.

Although it is not a specific scene from the lore, the drawing has many symbols and references. Where the flames twist upwards like wyrd itself to meet the sun is Sól, the sun goddess, ever driving her chariot. The appearance of the couple on the left are based my mental image of a young Odin and Frigga. The ravens in the upper right corner are also a nod to Odin.

The young couple on the right are a reference to the tradition of having mock-marriages, and general seeking of romance associated with midsummer. In the fire is a wheel, which is burned to represent the sun.

I wanted to show how the mythology and traditions do not stand isolated and still. They come from, and live within the symbols and archetypes of every day life. They are within each person, creature, thing, and phenomenon around us. And they are undeniably celebrated during midsummer.