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So we got moved into the new place yesterday. It was long, hard, and almost degenerated into a fight thanks to my ex calling my sister a slut (the irony was not lost on anyone there). But we’re in and with net. I don’t have all my tech gear here, but I’ll be getting that over the weekend. I’ve got a roomie, another spiritualist who sometimes goes by Troy (more on him later).

It’s got a good energy. Once we’ve got everything set up, my room will be my sanctuary. Ironic, considering how so many years ago my room was my sanctuary and my prison. It seems that in a lot of ways, I’ve come full circle, right back to where I was before I met my Ex, but I’ve grown a lot since then. I may end up looking the same, but I’m a whole new person. A lot of what I suppressed over the last year has started coming free and mixing with the other growth I experienced because of the suppression.

I recently got a new deck of tarot cards, which I may have mentioned, for Hel and I to speak to each other. I discovered that tarot decks have their own souls, so the two of us have had to work with the vampiress that lives inside it. But the cards look positive. Hopefully soon I’ll get the chance to scan some of them in and share the images with you. It’s a lovely, dark deck.

One of the things I’ve been doing is journeying into each card in the deck. I found out about the vampire spirit by “ghost walking” into the deck as a whole. What i found in there was Hel as a vampire, which confused both of us. I separated her from the vampire and realized there was a vampire spirit to the deck. Since then I’ve been trying to learn each card in turn inside the deck by visiting/ghost walking into each card. It’s been an experience. Certainly helping me to understand the meanings better. I’ve made it through the major arcana and am started into the scepters/wands.

This is what the deck's soul looks like

This is what the deck’s soul looks like

I want to thank everyone for supporting me, and for sticking around for this blog. I know I haven’t been the best about this, but hopefully I can get it up and going soon.