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It is a universal law that upon the internet, there will be stupidity. The greater the internet, the greater the stupidity. And the greatest idiocy, of course, is discrimination against a group of people, not because they pose and existential threat to you, but simply because they are different from you.

Of course, I managed to find this. And the article I am going to be discussing here is probably going to start a few flamewars, actually, it has started a few flame wars already. That’s not the issue, the issue is that so many seem to agree with it.

The article in question is “Let Me Slip Into Something A Little Less Comfortable” by Ann Tagonist. If the name of the write isn’t enough to tip you off to their mindset, her tagline is “Female. Feminist. Faithless.”

I can already see that I’m going to be on the complete opposite of the spectrum here as as Male, Equalist, and Faithful.

The gist of the article is boiled down to this. Sex is nothing more than “Penis in Vagina,” “Women are conditioned from birth that this is sex and this is what they want, but it is a false enjoyment from them identifying with their attacker,” and “every man is a rapist, period.”

I’m going to go through some of the article with my responses. There is literally so much wrong with it, I’m not sure where to start, but…well, I can pretty much hit up any part. Quotes are from the article. Foul Language ahead.

In our world, “sex” means fucking. It means a man inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina until he ejaculates. After the man ejaculates, the sex is finished. Anything that precedes the man putting his penis into the woman’s vagina is referred to as “foreplay” and anything that happens after the man has ejaculated and is no longer physically able to penetrate the woman with his penis, is “afterplay.” So, for women, “having sex” is being vaginally penetrated by a man’s penis. Women are expected to “have sex” – or PIV – throughout most of their lives and aren’t really offered any alternatives. If they want to be in a relationship with a man, that man is going to expect sex and PIV is sex.

I could complain that this is an overly narrow definition of sex made to suit her following points. Everyone has their own definitions of sex. I’m certain there’s an issue of logic here, but just in case her logic is sound…I’m going to say screw logic. I will say this though, I’m pretty sure that there are quite a number of laternatives for women if they don’t desire “heterosexual” sex. But we’ll go off on tangents later. This is the beginning of her article, and it sets the tone for the entire downhill ride.

All women are born into a culture in which heterosexuality is expected and culturally mandated with PIV as a perceived natural inevitability.

Somewhere, out there…a biologist is crying. I’m pretty sure the anthropologist is too. While is is factually true that most cultures are heterosexual, this is because it takes sex, namely heterosexual sex, in order to procreate not just our species, but all of mammals, birds, fish, and lizards, on this planet. A lot of plants too, judging by allergy season. So where Ms. Tagonist seems to be treating the “inevitability of PIV sex” as evil…one wonders exactly how she came into being. Or how she feels about the continuation of the species.

If you acquiesce consent to a man’s request to penetrate you with his penis you “had sex” with that man.

If there is one complaint I have heard multiple times about Feminism, it is that Feminism removes the agency of women. If there is on thing I despise with all of my being to the point I am willing to take axes to peoples writing desks hate in writing it is the use of that stupid “crossout” thing where people put a word in, cross it out, and put another word in. Mostly because it’s used to say how a person really feels, but then put in some more “socially correct” way of saying it. They’re too much of a coward to say it outright, but rather than accept it they leave the “incorrect” word there to poison the sentence. The correct sentence would be “If you acquiesce to a man’s request…”

Well, why don’t you bloody just lie back and think of England, because clearly you could never want this, and while I’ll say you consented what you really did was give in. The entire feel of the sentence is “you don’t have agency if you have sex with a man.”

Which, sadly enough, brings us to the next point.

Rape and sex are both PIV. Sex is PIV that a woman has acquiesced consented to and rape is PIV that a woman has actively refused….Some radical feminists outright state that all heterosexual intercourse is rape. Some radical feminists disagree and say that statement lacks nuance. A lot of heterosexual feminists say they feel personally insulted by the statement “all intercourse is rape” because they have had personal experience of PIV they wanted and PIV they didn’t want and have processed those experiences as different from each other….I feel like it’s impossible to get a sense of clarity about PIV and what it does to your psyche until you stop doing it and this is because of the trauma bonding that FCM talks about. Women who are still engaging in heterosexual relationships feel particularly uncomfortable with the suggestion that all intercourse is rape because it means acknowledging firstly that the man you share your bed with is a rapist and secondly, that you possess virtually no social power or bodily autonomy. These are hard things to face.

I will never understand why the person who came up with the idea that “all heterosexual sex is rape” came to that conclusion. I don’t know what events may have happened in their life to lead to that sort of train of thought. Maybe it was just something they came up with in order to gain power.

I will never know who that statement is more offensive to, Men or Women. I mean, first of, stating that all Men, no matter how kind, loving, sensitive, and caring are rapists the instant they follow the desires of their mind and body to be with the woman they love in the most complete way in that most sacred act of Sex….or Women, who apparently can never be anything but rape victims at the hands of the man they love and desire, with no social power or autonomy.

Wha…I don’t even…

That’s right women, you don’t want sex. You’ve been conditioned, trained, and shipped out like fleshlights. You don’t know what you want, you can never know what you want, and that person you love is a raping monster who doesn’t care about anything more than getting off and using you to make babies.

Rape is when a man uses his penis as a weapon against a woman or girl against her will.

Sex is when a man uses his penis as a weapon against a woman or girl with her consent.

PIV can be justified as ‘always rape’ because it always involves the weaponization of the penis against a woman on a girl. The woman may ‘enjoy’ the sensation of having a penis inside her but she wouldn’t be the first woman in the world to eroticize her own subordination as a means of coping with it. Men know that every single time they stick their dicks in a woman, they’re putting her  at risk of pregnancy. They know that pregnancy can kill women. They know that if they cause a pregnancy to occur they can walk away at any time with no major social consequences. They know what kind of harm’s way they’re putting us in but they really like ejaculating inside us so they do it anyway.

I’m going to go off on a brief tangent here. When something is used against someone in a manner they do not consent to, it is a weapon. Fine, I’ll give that one, because it kinda fits the law. A walking stick is a walking stick, except when you pick it up with the intention of doing harm, then it is a weapon. But the idea that something, when used with the consent of the receiver, is still a weapon is…stupid. A patient who goes in for surgery is not being violated by a weapons wielding madman, the scalpel is not a weapon, it is a tool, and one that comes with great benefit. When used with consent, an object is not a weapon, it is a tool.

The whole idea that a woman is “eroticizing her subordination” goes back to the whole stripping women of their agency thing I was talking about. “You don’t really enjoy it, you’re just coping with the trauma by thinking it felt good.” That’s right ladies, you didn’t really have that orgasm or other assorted pleasures at the hands of your lover, the female orgasm doesn’t exist in sex, that is just an illusion you created to deal with the trauma, and you heard it from Ms. Tagonist’s mouth, and since she’s a woman, she obviously knows better than you other women do…

Um…that…can’t be right…

Oh, and women never want babies. That’s a man thing. Men want babies, and men want women to have babies, despite the fact that babies kill women. But evil men don’t care about that, they just want babies. Babies everywhere, because men never have any ill effects from women having babies, they can walk away at anytime and never suffer a consequence.

I'm not sorry for the language.

Nine out of ten Picards had this reaction. The tenth shot himself from sheer stupidity.

The last time I checked….pregnancy was actually one of the safest things a woman could do. Yes, once it was incredibly dangerous, but modern medicine has reached the point where pregnancies that once were fatal can now be done safely with just a shot, or a bit of medical care, and those that can’t have the option of abortion to save the mother’s life. Not to mention, the primary force behind most pregnancies isn’t men wanting to pump babies out of their woman…it’s the woman wanting the baby. Given the massive varieties of contraceptives out there that a woman can use…babies are the woman’s choice.

As for men getting to walk away scott free…well…I’m guessing Ms Tagonist hasn’t watched much daytime tv. Or read much in the way of legal rulings about Child Support, which women almost never pay, but men can be made to pay in such quantities that they go to prison for not paying and can still be denied the right to even see the children they’re paying for. But that is a story for another time…

The thing with PIV is that, much like BDSM, it doesn’t really matter how much you like it and how free you think your choice is when you make it; the activity in itself is inherently harmful. It’s a form of assault. Whether or not you acquiesce to the assault or ‘want’ the assault doesn’t change the nature of the assault.

-bangs head repeatedly on table-

Okay, I’m going to be honest, I’m into BDSM. Lots of people are. A lot of normal, healthy, well adjusted people are into the BDSM scene. In fact, I believe I read somewhere that people who are into BDSM are happier, healthier, and less stressed. I’m starting to think that Ms. Tagonist really just can’t stand to see people happy, and is attacking them in anyway she possibly can because she’s not happy, so why should anyone else get to enjoy their lives and their sex.

Of course, according to Ms. Tagonist’s logic, the BDSM sex could be a female domme has strapped a man to a table and is using him solely for her pleasure…and the man is still raping the Domme and assaulting her.

It isn’t possible to categorically state that all heterosexual intercourse is not rape when what men do to express “love” for women (sex/PIV) is the same as what they do to express contempt for women (rape/PIV).

Or, we could put it another way. “It isn’t possible to categorically state that all activities involving blades are not attempted murder because what a surgeon does to save a patent (cut them open with a blade) is the same as what a murderer does when trying to kill someone (cut them open with a blade).

Intentions do not matter, consequences do not matter, all that matters is one single act.

IT doesn’t matter that I intended to save a busload of captives when I blew the head off a suicide bomber, and it doesn’t matter that because I did so 16 people get to go home to their families, that four new children will be born from those that survived, and that happiness was had by all around. No, I’m an evil bastard because I killed someone, regardless of what good comes from it, or how many lives were saved.

It doesn’t matter that James and Mary love each other when they have sex, and from that sex Angie was born, who went on to cure lymphoma and save millions of lives. Nope, all that matters is that James had sex with Mary, and sex is no different from rape, so James raped Mary and thus James is evil and Mary is his victim who didn’t know any better.

Out of the entire article and it’s stupidity, ignorance and hate, it wasn’t left feeling angry. A few years ago, I would have been, but I’ve grown up since then. I was left feeling sorry. Not for Ms. Tagonist, at this point she’s a lost cause, but for her Father. What must it be like, I wonder, to have loved a woman, had a daughter, done your best as she grew up, and then one day you turn around and as far as she’s concerned, the man who worked and gave her all the opportunities she had…hates you and thinks you’re a rapist simply because you slept with a woman in a mutually desired manner. For that matter, I feel bad for any father who has to watch his daughter come to this kind of attitude that still tries to be a part of it and there for her.

And the worst part, is there is. In the comments section of the article there are dozens and dozens of women who agree with Ms. Tagonist. One even goes so far as to say “no woman is heterosexual.” Another thread through the comment’s is Ms Tagonist stating that she doesn’t write for men, and that men have no place commenting or taking part in the discussion she has raised about PIV Sex. I happily reply to that with the typical Heathen attitude of “no fucks given.” Eventually though, I just gave up on the comments section.

I really wonder what is happening to this world, where women can’t even enjoy something they enjoy, because someone thinks they shouldn’t and makes some big speech about it.

But I am going to say something here that’s probably going to piss people off. Let’s say she’s right, that all heterosexual sex is rape and all men are rapist. Then guess what…that’s good. Because that means that our species lives another generation. If I am only here because for the last ten thousand or so years my ancestors raped, pillaged, and burned their place across the world, managing to overcome everyone else and survive…then good for them. Because I wouldn’t be here without that, and I like living. I like being able to make something of my life, and of the lives around me, and then bring forth the next generation. I hope to Hela that whatever woman or women I end up with eroticise the shit out of what I do to them to the point where they can’t think straight from “illusionary” pleasure and the next generation of Svartwulfs carries on even better than I have. Because if life really is nothing more than violence, pain, and death….well then I’m going to embrace it full on, and make sure everyone with me has a hel of a ride that they’ll be talking about for lives to come from sheer joy at having been a part of it.