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This may well be one of my more unpopular posts. Certainly, this is the kind of post likely to get me in trouble in the future. You know the kind, that gets sound-bitted endlessly to prove what a terrible person you are so that people will stop listening to you.

Still…I kinda feel the need to say it.

I’ve talked lately about the big issue of “Wiccan Privilege” that came up. Well, apparently in addition to that there was discussion of “Racial Paganism” and “its effect on the community.” Well…it was less of a discussion and more of a “Heathens are racist” spewing of bullshit again. Now they admired that not all Heathens are racists…they cavioted with that it was the most vocal Heathens are the ones that tend to be racist. They also labeled the Asatru Folk Assembly, The Troth, and the American Asatru Association as racist organizations.

For those that do not know…those three are the largest, most populated, and most vocal Heathen organizations that exist in America. “Not all Heathens are racist…but all their organizations are.” So it would seem that the only good Heathen…is a silent Heathen.

It has been commented that it seems there is a movement to weaken the two biggest forces in Paganism. Paganism is reported to be the fastest growing branch of religion in America, maybe even the World. Wicca and Heathenism are the two fastest growing branches in Paganism. Wicca, because it is so easy to understand and Heathenism because so many people of European decent feel lost, wish they had an ancestral culture like everyone else out there and find it in the arms of the different Heathen religions.

This means that they are a threat. A threat to the current social order, religious order, and moral order. Threats must be squashed. And who better to squash threats than those on the inside? After all, external forces trying to crush a group only makes that group stronger. But tear it apart from the inside…all to easy.

Am I saying there’s a grand conspiracy out there to destroy Paganism and its power? No. Certainly if the could elements of the Christian church would like to do it. No, this is something far more insidious. It is something that I’ve talked about before…where people make their politics their dogma in their spiritual and religious views. Social Justice teaches that those that rise above must be torn down so that all may be equal. Those that rise above…or take pride in the wrong things…must be destroyed.

Heathens take pride in who we are, and to those that believe in Social Justice as those that held the “Racial Paganism” panel did…pride in anything “White” makes you a racist. Wiccans have been around longer, are recognized and listened to more so they have dared to rise above their fellow Pagans and must be torn down. So to the SJ Pagans, we must hunt down the racists, and the privileged and make all equal again.

Well, I don’t want to. I am tired of hunting my own. The history of Heathenism since it’s recreation has been hunting down the “racists” in our midst and trying to get rid of them. I’m tired of it. Is their faith any less true than mine? Do they love Odin less because they hate based on skin color? I don’t think so, not anymore. Re-education of them is better than ostricization, and as much as I hate to say this…sometimes those “racists” have a point. Like about how with the Trevon Martin case it got blasted all over the news as an example of “White Hate” despite the fact ti was between a Hispanic guy and a Black guy…but cases like the Christen/Newsom case never made it past the local news, when it deserved national attention and that thousands of cases like it are silenced in favor of “white perp, black vic” stories. As Odin said, there is good and evil in all men, and no man is worthless.

And I don’t want to have to hunt down and chastise Wiccans simply because they have managed to make themselves known and grow faster than others. I am tired of hearing how they are not worthy, how they need to be taught a lesson, etc. While I don’t always agree with the Wiccan faith…they are my brothers and sisters in Paganism. Their success is my successes, the word getting out about them helps people find their way to Heathenism.

I don’t want to hunt my own simply because others within our community have something up their ass. Because there are ideas they do not like about what we believe or how successful we are. I would call on those Pagans that are leading the charge over these issues to take a minute, ask themselves this question: “Is your search for ‘justice’ worth destroying Paganism? Is your McArthian hunt for racists and privileged worth ruining the chance for our Pagan way of being to grow and become a power for good in this world?”

Sadly, I think they will answer yes.

So here is where I stand. I am tired of hunting my own. I am tired of having to bruise, batter, and bash other Heathens because they might be “racist.” I am tired of being told I need to tear down the Wiccans because they managed to be successful. I do not want to hunt my own.

But I will. I will not hunt the “Racists” or the “Privileged” though. I will stand as a Shield-wall, because Faith is what matters, not Politics, and if I am to hunt, if I am to fight…then I will fight those that tear down and cast out. I ask you to join me. The next time you hear one of these people tearing down Wiccans for being privileged, or all/most Heathens as racist, shut them up, destroy their arguments and cast them out for what they are. Saboteurs, traitors, and people who hate their fellow Pagans simply because we are different than them, and do not believe as they do.