Since I have not been able to post much of anything for the last few days, here’s a bit of reading. I like this guy, and his point is all too valid these days. Abusing your students has been deemed wrong by the law, the law should not grant mercy to one gender and terror to another. Hurting your students shouldn’t matter what gender the teacher is, or the student is.

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(Apologies for the title, which might undermine the general thrust of the post, but it’s rather late, and I couldn’t come up with anything better)

There’s always a massive difference in the way stories of teacher-student relationships are reported or treated. I think a lot of it comes from the assumption that most teenage boys are so horny that they’d quite like the idea of a female teacher showing them the ropes, and there’s an odd respect for them in a blokey, “get in my son!” kinda way. Hell, I’m not denying that as a teenager I had frequent fantasies and daydreams about some of my schoolteachers (Ah, Miss Richards, you almost made Welsh literature bearable) but there’s a difference between fantasy and reality. I also used to fantasize about having sex with all three members of the Sugababes at the same time but I know now it…

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