Some good thoughts about what went down in Boston by my Satanist friend. 🙂

Devil's Advocates


The Black Mass

You have probably heard the controversy about the plans of The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club to host a satanic black mass reenactment this past week. In case not…

The club dropped sponsorship of the event when Catholic groups on campus and in Boston expressed outrage and
the archdiocese held a Eucharistic procession in protest, culminating in a holy hour mass at St Paul’s Church in Boston. Harvard President Drew Faust called the event ‘abhorrent’ but said she would allow it to take place on campus for free speech purposes. Later she changed her mind because of the increasing protests. The event was going to be organised byThe Satanic Temple of New York, the same group who have stirred controversy with plans to erect a Baphomet statue. Eventually the reenactment was reported to shift locations and went ahead at a Chinese restaurant in Harvard Square.

Well I…

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